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From small acorns...

ABa was established in 1990 by Alan Butterworth, offering mystery shopping services to the Leisure trade. In 1995, we placed our one and only advert, secured our first Retail client, became a limited company and the rest, as they say, is history!

As company owners, Kate (Alan's daughter), Conrad (Kate's husband) and Mary (Kate's mother), maintain and encourage the familial, personal and close knit nature of our business, and it is this philosophy that runs throughout our company. The 'ABa family' has grown organically through the attraction of exceptionally capable, passionate, professional, diverse and pro-active individuals. We currently have 49 team members at Head office, all of whom offer a unique contribution to the continual growth of ABa.

ABa has grown almost entirely through referral, and we are really proud of this. Our clients say great things about us and stay with us for many years.

We are a friendly, happy, caring bunch of people who genuinely believe we can make a real difference for our clients and their customers. And we get to play our part in making the world a happier place too!